Step Softly is a values-based brand, created by Nichola Courtney.   The brand was created to promote sustainable change and empower people to make conscious choices in their consumption, relationships and work.

Nichola holds a Bachelors in Counselling, a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Strategic Foresight and specialises as a gestalt therapist through Gestalt Therapy Australia.  She is motivated to help and improve – whether that be relationships between people or between business and their environment.  People can be uncomfortable with change and initiating change within business can be expensive.  This can result in stalling or fear-based decision making.  Nichola’s driver for her career choices is helping people and helping them make conscious, long-term, people-focussed decisions.  Accordingly, Nichola promotes her psychotherapy practice and other work under these values.

Step softly, for you know not where you tread.