Free Coaching Resources

Almost every Coach will tell you they believe everyone should have a Coach.  Sadly, this is not always possible for everyone, so Coaches often provide free helpful resources to give you a head start on the path to personal development and successful living.

Please find below some practical tools, helpful videos and instructional exercises that will give you some insight into where you might focus your energies or begin to reflect on as a starting point for development.

Assessment Tool; The Coaching Wheel.

What Should I Do With My Life?

A personality questionnaire will give you somewhere to start from.  In their screening process companies usually choose from some of the biggies like Myers-Briggs Indicator Test or Firo-B for candidates.  The short version is free (the extended professional one requires payment, but it will knock your socks off!) and I’ve linked it here.  This test will give you an indication of where you sit on some of the big personality traits like extraversion and introversion and begin to give you some insight about a potential new career, help you understand people better or improve your communication skills through new understanding.

If you’re well familiar with  your personality type you might like to learn about the shadow of your personality type.  This are the things that pop out of the box when you’re tired, stressed and not yourself – they catch you and your colleagues unawares when you act out of character.  I found the following book extremely helpful in understanding a lot more about how to manage how I act when I’m stressed and tired.  This book may just change your life, save your relationship or get you a promotion!

Quenk, NL 2002, Was that really me? How everyday stress brings out our hidden personality, Nicholas Brealey Publishing, New York, USA

What Am I Doing Wrong?

This one requires a big brave breath and asking for feedback.  Boring, yes, but integral.  How do you know your customers think your store is old-fashioned?  Did you know  your friends think you should have dumped your boyfriend weeks ago?  Why do you keep ending up in the same situation?

The only way you can fix this is with insight.  Once you understand yourself/your customer/your business a little more you can understand why you’re ending up in the same position time and again or not able to face what needs to be done.

Sadly, many businesses and people are afraid to ask for feedback.  They basically are not ready to hear what they are doing wrong.  There is nothing wrong with that – you don’t have to seek feedback.  However, if you’re a business owner with a bank loan, a retail store losing foot traffic or even have a failing marriage, you’re going to have to get feedback if you want to change the situation.

You can write your own survey at, you can read ‘The Winners Bible’, complete an online audit or send an evaluation questionnaire to all your friends and family to get their feedback on what your strengths and weaknesses are.

I do understand how difficult hearing feedback is – but it’s crucial to maintaining an upward trajectory.  Be brave and go for it!