On people

Successful and conscious relationships that make considerate impact.

Step Softly leads human-centred work from a counselling background.  Whether you are interested in speaking with us about counselling, conducting training, consulting or undertaking a foresight project this is done with a people-first approach designed to consider the test of time.

As a (gestalt) psychotherapist Nichola is an excellent communicator, facilitator, mediator, trainer and leader.  She seeks to heal and harmonise fractured relationships to promote renewed growth, efficacy and efficiency.  She has a focus on what works and understanding what the real problem is, not what it seems.  For example, stress responses result from an inability to cope with competing pressures.  Meditation, relaxation and exercise mitigate the response but do little about what is causing the stress – you may find yourself with little to no time to manage the stress on an ongoing basis.  It is far simpler to introduce immediate stress recognition techniques that are implemented in the moment, management strategies that balance demands, communication skills that empower no instead of yes or advanced listening skills that interrupt conflict, for instance.  These approaches address the cause of the problem, instead of the symptoms, meaning the problem is over more quickly.

So, first and foremost, what have you come to this page for?:


I conduct gestalt psychotherapy (which is just a fancy word for highly specialised counsellor) from an office in Melbourne CBD on